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Hi Amy, I''m from Adams Ma. and I was just in Florida and went to a Northern Berkshire reunion and talked with your Mom and Dad! I''ve been following your career with Jimmy because I was the chairman of the North Adams Rotary Club talent show that you were in many years ago!! I think you may have played the trombone in one of the shows. Any way, we are all proud of what you have accomplished. Your Mom told me about your new CD. That is great. Tkae care and good luck. By the way, I am a keyboard player and like to play Jimmy'' songs.

-Don Graves
  Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Hi Amy,Me and my two daughters think your great!My older daughter Crystal plays the trombone and she really enjoys seeing a real PRO!Unfortunately we missed out on ticket''s again for Camden,NJ.I''ll try again next year.Have a great TOUR! John,Crystal and Laureen Biruk

-john biruk
  Tuesday, April 03, 2001

I just sent a message about trying to reach Mike Utley but neglected to include my entire email address. If anyone knows how to reach Mike, I would appreciate a response. We grew up together in Arkansas and I would like to possibly see him during the Buffett concert in Denver on 31 May 01. Thanks, Mel Hughes

-Mel Hughes
  Friday, March 30, 2001

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Mike Utley? We grew up together in Blytheville, AR and I wanting to try to get together with him during the Buffett concert in Denver, CO on 31 May 01. Thanks, Mel

-Mel Hughes
  Friday, March 30, 2001

Hi Amy, love the cd I got from you in Charlotte Feb. 20th! Thanks for taking the picture with me and I saw that little wave u gave from the stage. I didn''t know I was on the second row in front of the horn section ''till I got there! Again, "Inside the Outside" is great! Hope to see you and the Reefers this summer...Brent

-Brent Bennett
  Thursday, March 29, 2001


So young
so bold
fingers dance magically
over the saxophone she holds
an occasional smile sets the mood
for the story being told
backed by the
keyboard, drum, and bass
the story takes place
so wild and so free
the story is magic
to me
the story being
by the saxophone
she holds.

Matthew Miller

  Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Just had to
quickly express
how much everyone
at SisterLove
appreciates your
support and your
generosity. It
isn''t often that
folks walk in our
door and offer to
raise money to
support our work.
You and Nadirah
are quite
Thanks again.
-Kozetta and
Everyone at

-SisterLove, Inc.
  Friday, March 23, 2001


I was at the Michael Sea & Island Fever gig last night at Aroma in Alameda. What a wonderful show! And what a wonderful treat for fans of MSIF that you would be so kind to play in our home town boy''s band! Certainly the best part of this Irishman''s St. Patrick''s Day weeekend! Thanks a million!

-Dan Daly
  Saturday, March 17, 2001

It''s nice to see a native of the N.E. area playing in the and.My big brother took me to my 1st show in about 1983 in the winter at The Springfield Civic Center & we''ve been going ever since,as well as taking trips/vacations to M''ville.I''ve lived in Old & New Town in KeyWest&even applied in my younger days,
(I was so bad...)
at Jimmy''s
Margaritaville there.I''ve become good friends with
the soundboard man Tim & have spent many a night
there soaking up sights,sounds,&
beverages until
closing at 4a.m.
I hope you are
enjoying the shows,I flew from Logan to Sunrise
for the Nat''l Car
Rental Ctr. show
on Feb 10,2001..
I''ve got the tix
on my monitor at
work.You all were
sounding great &
Jimmy''s wit was in
rare form.I worked
the day of our companies 10th yr.
anniversary & also
Memorial Day last
year to have 2
other days off &
took Amtrak down
from rte.128 stop
to Philly with no
tix & found a room
,a bar,& then got
1 for the lawn just as the show
was starting on
june 8th,1st date of the 2000 summer tour..a nice girl
who''d been in sect.2 & moved up to "relax" on the
lawn,offered me
her tix stub & so
I got a better view & listen to
the 2nd set.
I''d love to be at
the St Patricks
Day Show in San Jose,have a good 1
I''ll be with you
by way of Radio
singin'' along &
dancing & laughing
All my best,Doug

  Tuesday, March 13, 2001

During the Fall of 91, I enrolled in North Adams State College and I remember for whatever reason taking a trip down to Drury High School where I had seen a newspaper clipping hanging up on the bulletin board that had talked about you going to tour with Buffett that first summer. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing. That someone from the area was playing with Buffett. After spending 4 years there though and seeing the things I have, I''ve got to ask (I noticed you were a co-writer on Fruitcakes) Does that song have anything to do with the people there??? Best of Luck with the band. I always look forward to seeing you play at the concerts.

-Bill Mobilia
  Thursday, March 08, 2001

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